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SoloVista EmpowerHER Cohort

Single mothers, despite their determination and potential, face significant barriers when it comes to entrepreneurship. The absence of adequate resources, guidance, and a structured path to set up and grow businesses often hinders their ability to achieve financial stability and independence. This lack of support creates a cycle of economic hardship, limiting opportunities for these women and their families.

Addressed trough the program

Addressing these needs is vital to breaking the cycle of economic vulnerability and empowering single mothers to become successful entrepreneurs. By offering a comprehensive program, we aim to bridge the gap in support, providing the essential foundation required to venture into the world of entrepreneurship and achieve sustainable financial freedom.

Networking and Community: Creating a supportive community where single mothers can connect, share experiences, and network is essential. Through the program, we intend to foster a sense of belonging and create a platform for collaborative growth and learning.


Financial Independence: Empowering single mothers to establish sustainable businesses is crucial for their financial independence and, consequently, the well-being of their families. This program aims to address this fundamental need by providing the necessary knowledge and tools.

Access to Resources: Many single mothers lack access to vital resources such as workbooks and educational materials that can guide them through the steps of starting a business, including creating business plans and setting up vendor accounts.

Education and Guidance: Single mothers need structured education and guidance on how to set up and operate a business. This includes understanding legalities, financial management, marketing strategies, and identifying funding opportunities.

Description of Project Goals:

The primary goal of this project is to empower single mothers by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to start or expand their own businesses successfully. We aim to foster financial independence, enhance confidence, and provide a pathway towards a sustainable future for them and their families.