Our Vision

“To envision a world where empowered individuals drive vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable community development, fostering a global landscape of thriving and interconnected communities.

About Us

SBWCDEC nonprofit organization was founded in 2008, from a deep-seated desire to positively impact our community through a holistic empowerment approach, recognizing challenges faced by youth, families, and the broader community. 

Motivated by observed economic disparities, health issues, and educational barriers, we emerged as a driving force for positive change.

Over the years, SBWCDEC has tirelessly worked to create tangible, lasting change, witnessing individuals transform into empowered contributors through our programs. From educational initiatives to economic empowerment projects, our commitment is unwavering. 

We invite individuals, supporters, and potential partners to join us in shaping a future where empowered individuals drive vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable community development, leaving a legacy of positive change for generations to come.

Why we started SBWCDEC?

The pivotal moment that inspired the creation of our organization was a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on the community at large. It became evident that there were multiple facets of empowerment required to uplift the community, encompassing economic, health, and educational aspects.

The motivation to establish our organization stemmed from witnessing the challenges faced by the community’s youth, families, and the broader community:

Economic Empowerment

The community was grappling with economic disparities, limited job opportunities, and financial instability. It became increasingly clear that economic empowerment was essential to break the cycle of poverty and provide individuals and families with the tools to achieve financial independence.

Health & Well-Being

Health disparities and limited access to healthcare resources were negatively affecting the community’s overall well-being. Chronic health conditions, including diabetes, were prevalent, and there was a pressing need for resources and support to improve health outcomes and overall quality of life

Educational Support

Many youth in the community faced educational challenges, from limited access to quality education to a lack of mentorship and educational resources. Empowering the youth through media literacy education was crucial to unlock their potential and provide them with the skills needed for a brighter future.